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Randy Bridge

City Manager

The City Manager oversees the daily operations of the city, executing professional and complex tasks in planning, developing, and directing major city programs and projects. Randy diligently implements the directives and policies of elected city officials and ensures the enforcement of all city orders, resolutions, ordinances, and regulations.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Randy graduated from Reading High School and later attended Wright State University. He holds a BA in Political Science, an MA in Applied Behavioral Sciences, and a Master of Public Administration.

Joining the City of New Carlisle as the Planning Director in October 2012, Randy quickly ascended to become one of the city’s top administrators. Prior to this, he gained experience with the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and the City of Riverside, Ohio.

Since assuming the role of City Manager in 2015, Randy has transformed New Carlisle’s financial standing from the brink of fiscal watch to a positive outlook. Under his leadership, the city has achieved record-breaking road repairs, enhanced city parks, renegotiated contracts that save taxpayers thousands annually, and implemented technological upgrades to bring the city into the 21st century.

Randy’s contributions to economic development have been significant. Collaborating with local agencies to devise tax incentives, he has successfully secured agreements with multiple large businesses, ensuring long-term benefits for the city and its residents.

Additionally, Randy played a pivotal role in revitalizing the Twin Creeks subdivision by resolving stalled lawsuits. This enabled the city to participate in a Land Reutilization Program and subsequently sell unproductive land parcels to developers, leading to a surge in new home constructions within the subdivision.

In terms of city finances, Randy has effectively refinanced certain city debts, reducing annual payments and shortening repayment schedules. He has also collaborated with the Finance Director to diversify city investments, boosting investment earnings, and established an Investment Policy that will guide the city’s financial decisions for years to come.