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Important Taxpayer Information




If you do not have a Federal Extension, all City Income Tax Returns along with any tax due must be mailed (postmarked) to CCA-Division of Taxation by the above due date. Be advised that an Extension grants additional time to file your tax return…not to pay. Any tax owed must be paid with the Extension by the original due date of the income tax return.


Options for filing and obtaining assistance with your New Carlisle tax return are shown below:

1.  CCA. Copies of related tax documents (W-2’s, 1099’s, Federal Schedules, etc.) along with a CCA Tax Assistance Form may be mailed or dropped off to a location shown below. This form is available at CCA’s website, and is also located in the entryway of the New Carlisle City Offices at 331 S Church Street. The form and documents must be received by CCA by April 1st to avoid potential penalty and interest. The tax return will be prepared, and a copy returned to you along with a tax bill if there is a balance due. If you have questions, please contact CCA at 800-223-6317.

CCA – Division of Taxation
Attn: PMR Dept.
PO Box 94520
Cleveland, OH 44101-4520

City of Clayton Drop-Box
6996 Taywood Road
Clayton, OH 45322
(Located to the left of the main entrance)

2.  New Carlisle. Place tax documents (W-2’s, 1099’s, Federal Schedules, etc.) in an envelope marked Tax Department and drop in the New Carlisle water payment box in the entryway of the City Offices. It must be received by April 8th to avoid possible penalty and interest. Please include a note with the following information: social security number if not shown in full on your W-2, phone number, and total amount of estimated tax payments made, if applicable. After the return is done, you will be called to set up a time to stop by to review, sign, and date the return. An envelope will be provided for mailing the original return, documents, and any tax due to CCA. A copy will be made for your record. Or contact Vicki Taylor-Whitt, New Carlisle Tax Administrator at 937-845-9492 to set up an in-person appointment for assistance with preparing your city tax return. The last day for appointments will be April 13th.

3.  Tax Professional. Contact an individual tax preparer or firm to prepare your city tax return. Sign, date and mail the return with required tax documents and any payment due to CCA.

4.  Self-prepare. Obtain a form for the correct tax year from CCA’s website or take one from the entryway of the City Offices. Snap a photo of the highlighted sample tax returns that are hanging on the wall. Complete and mail the tax return to CCA-Division of Taxation along with the required documents and any payment due, to the address indicated on the bottom of the form. Or file your tax return electronically though CCA’S eFile at