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Mayor’s Court

Mayor’s Court Info Brochure

Mayor’s Court • 101 S. Main St. • New Carlisle, Ohio 45344


Court begins at 6:00pm on the following Wednesdays:

January 3rd
January 17th
January 31st
February 14th
February 28th
March 13th
March 27th
April 10th
April 24th
May 8th
May 22nd
June 5th
June 19th

July 3rd
July 17th
July 31st
August 14th
August 28th
September 11th
September 25th
October 9th
October 23rd
November 6th
November 20th
December 4th
December 18th

QUESTIONS? Contact the Clerk of Court at 937-207-6180

PROPER DRESS REQUIRED — When entering a courtroom, an appropriate dress code will be observed by all participants, including defendants, witnesses, and spectators.

The following is NOT appropriate dress:
Hats, Tank Tops, Halter Tops, Mesh Shirts, Shirts or Pants with offensive logos, writing, or pictures, Sagging Pants that reveal undergarments

Courtroom Tips

  • Children are not permitted in the courtroom
  • Cell phones must be turned off
  • No firearms are permitted in the building
  • Metal detectors will be used before entering 

Fees and Payments

OHIO’S FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY LAW — If you have failed to submit proof of financial responsibility to a law enforcement officer, you need to submit proof of financial responsibility to the Clerk of Court. You can email proof of insurance to or text to 937-207-6180. If you fail to provide proof of insurance you will receive a letter from the BMV at the address on your driver’s license.

Forms of Payment

Pay Online or pay by certified check, money order, cash or check. Credit cards payments made at the window include a 3.5% service charge.

Please make checks/money orders payable to:
New Carlisle Mayor’s Court
101 S. Main Street
New Carlisle, Ohio 45344

Night deposit box for non-cash payments in front of building.


Speed 1-10 Over.............$230
Speed 11-15 Over............$235
Speed 16-20 Over............$245
Speed 21-25 Over............$255
Speed 26-30 Over............$270
Speed 31 Over........Must Appear
Expired Tags................$220
Traffic Control Devices.....$150
Reckless Operation..........$270
Suspended License....Must Appear
Seatbelt - Driver...........$150
Seatbelt - Passenger........$140
Child Restraints............$195
Stop for School Bus..Must Appear
Littering from Vehicle......$195
OVI..................Must Appear
Exterior Property...........$145
Unsafe Structures...........$220

If you did not show proof of insurance to the law enforcement officer at the time of your offense. YOU MUST ENCLOSE PROOF OF INSURANCE WITH YOUR PAYMENT. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in the suspension of your driving rights for a period of not less than 90 days.

WAIVER: Must be received by your court date. Please sign the back of your citation and mail or bring it in with you.
*Waiver fee is double if moving violation occurred within the past 12 months*


A. GUILTY – In this case you admit to the violation as charged. After this, the Magistrate usually inquires into circumstances, gives you an opportunity to make a statement or ask questions, and then pronounces sentence.

B. NOT GUILTY – This claims that you did not violate the law as charged or that there is something incorrect about the charge. The Magistrate then sets a date for trial. First the complaining witness presents his evidence. You have the right to cross- examine any witness who testifies against you.

After presentation of all the evidence against you, and also any cross – examination, you may ask the Magistrate to dismiss the case if you think the charge has not been proved beyond reasonable doubt. If the case is not dismissed, you may then present your case. You may use the Court facilities to require any witness to be present on your behalf. You may, but cannot be forced to give testimony yourself. If you do, you may be cross – examined. At the close of the arguments, a finding or sentence is made. If you are found guilty, implications and remaining procedures are the same as in the case of a guilty plea.

C. NO CONTEST – In this case you make no admission to guilt but also no claim of innocence. You may make a statement, but may not present any evidence. If you are found guilty, no legal inference may be drawn from that finding in any subsequent action based on the same incident (such as a civil suit asking payment for damages). With this exception, the implication and remaining procedures are the same as in the case of a guilty plea.