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Income Tax

Income Tax Collections

In an effort to reduce the costs of operating its income tax division and to improve services for its residents, the City of New Carlisle contracts with CCA – Division of Taxation to collect its municipal income taxes. CCA offers electronic (e-filing) of tax forms and online payment of taxes. You can visit their website at If you have any questions or need assistance you should contact the CCA tax team at 800-223-6317. If needed, you may contact the New Carlisle Income Tax Division at 331 S Church Street or 937-845-9492 for questions or to set up an appointment for further assistance.

Tax Information, Filings & Payments

The tax rate for New Carlisle is 1.5%, with no credit for taxes paid to any other municipality.

New Carlisle individual and business income tax returns are due along with payment of any tax due by the fifteenth (15th) day of April of each year. If it falls on a weekend or holiday, it would be due on the following business day.

Estimated quarterly payments are due by the fifteenth (15th) of April, June and September of the tax year and the fifteenth (15th) day of January of the following taxable year.

For businesses, the fourth (4th) quarter estimated payment is due by the fifteenth (15th) day of December of the tax year.

Employers must submit W-1’s and payments by the following dates:

  • Monthly Filers – Fifteenth (15th) day of month following the end of withholding period.
  • Quarterly Filers – Last day of month following the end of withholding period.

Make checks payable to CCA-Division of Taxation and mail to the correct address.

Individual and business returns (with payment):
PO Box 94723, Cleveland, OH 44101-4723
Individual and business returns (no payment):
PO Box 94810, Cleveland, OH 44101-4810
Individual and business returns (refund request):
PO Box 94520, Cleveland, OH 44101-4520
Employer withholding tax payments and returns:
PO Box 94823, Cleveland, OH 44101-4823

Ohio Attorney General Collection Enforcement Information

The New Carlisle Income Tax Division has contracted with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office of Collection Enforcement to collect outstanding debt.

The Central Collection Agency (CCA), on behalf of the New Carlisle Income Tax Division, has sent a minimum of three (3) letters to taxpayers for money owed and/or for non-filing of tax years. The taxpayers that have not responded to the letters will be sent to the Attorney General’s Office for collection. Once the Attorney General has contacted you by letter, CCA or the New Carlisle Income Tax Division can no longer assist you with your account for the year(s) stated on their letter.

The Collection Enforcement has regional offices located in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, and Youngstown to assist taxpayers daily with account resolution and payments. You can access an on-line payment system 24/7 or contact Collection Enforcement Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 888-301-8885.

In visiting the Attorney General Collection Enforcement in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, or Youngstown, valid photo identification is required to be able to access the floor. It must be presented to building security for registration and issuance of a visitor pass.