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Tool Lending Center

Located on the Smith Park grounds at Jefferson (571) & Smith Streets, this free program is open to anyone who lives within New Carlisle’s city limits. Borrowers must supply a valid driver’s license and their most recent water utility bill.

Items typically can be borrowed for 24 hours, although the Planning Department may grant extensions in cases of unforeseen inclement weather. Participants have to sign an agreement that states they are responsible for replacement costs if a tool is stolen, damaged due to misuse or not returned on time.

Anyone interested in donating or borrowing equipment can contact the Planning Department at (937) 845-9492, ext. 20, or by email at

An online request form is also available.

Lawn Equipment

Lawn Mower (gas)
Garden Tiller (gas)
Weed Trimmer/Edger (cordless)
Wood Chipper/Mulcher (gas)
Chainsaw (electric, 14″)
Leaf Blower (electric)
Power Washer (electric)
Leaf Rake
Garden Rake
Pruning Shears
Pole Saw
Garden Hand Tools
Water Hose

Power Tools

Circular Saw
Palm Sander
Shop Vac
Carpet Cleaning Vacuum
Power Washer
Paint Sprayer
Extension Cords

Hand Tools

Socket Set
Screwdriver Set
Hex/Allen Wrench Set
Wrench Set (sae/metric)
Hand Saw
Miter Saw/box (hand saw)
Tape Measure
Drill Bit Set
Stud Finder
Ladder (6ft)
Safety Glasses
Ear Protection
Caulk Gun
Putty Knife
Paint Roller
Paint Handle Extension
Paint Tray
Razor Blade
Push Broom