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Limb & Brush Pickup Guidelines

The City of New Carlisle has a limb and brush pickup program free of charge for all City residents. This program will be conducted from April through November during the second full week of these months.

City employees will pick up limbs and brush in moderate amounts from pruning and trimming. This service will NOT include pick up of limbs and brush left from tree removals or large trimming projects, such as taking out a long hedgerow, etc. No grass or leaves are permitted.

To participate in this program, you must sign up at least ONE WEEK in advance. You can sign up either by calling the cemetery office at 937-845-3624 or by email to Leave the address for the pickup and a phone number, in case we have any questions regarding the pickup. Once you are registered, your limbs/brush will be picked up during the second full week of the month, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Brush/limbs must be placed in the greenspace between your sidewalk and the road. DO NOT PLACE IT IN THE ROAD.
  2. Brush/limbs should be placed with all the stems facing the same way, going with the direction of traffic.
  3. The amount of brush/limbs to be picked up can not exceed the amount two men can pick up in a 10 minute period. AMOUNTS THAT EXCEED THIS LIMIT WILL BE LEFT FOR THE HOMEOWNER TO DISPOSE OF.
  4. There can be no roots attached. Limbs can not be larger than 4” in diameter.
  5. You must register at least ONE WEEK in advance.
  6. Place brush/limbs at the curb no more than one week prior to pickup and no later than Sunday before pickup.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please call 937-845-3624.

The City will be providing street side leaf pick-up this October, November, and December. In order to participate in this free City service, please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Rake all leaves into the street two feet from the curb to allow for drainage.
  • No foreign materials such as rocks, brush, branches, or garden materials. These materials may cause mechanical problems to the leaf machine.
  • Avoid parking on the street during collection weeks. Cars parked on dry leaves may cause fires.

**Leaves that are placed on the street or curb lawn after the 2nd collection time shall be the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of appropriately.

Please note that the following alternatives are available for leaf disposal:

  • The City has established a leaf drop off point behind the building at 600 West Madison St. Residents may drop off leaves until December 24th.
  • Waste Management will pick-up leaves on your regular scheduled trash pick-up day. Leaves must be placed in your trash toter with your regular trash. Leaves placed in other containers, such as recycling, and/or bags placed outside of the toter will not be accepted.

There will be two collection dates. Please check back for pick up dates in your area in October.