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Metronet Begins Construction in New Carlisle

Metronet is excited to begin construction of their 100% fiber optic network in New Carlisle. Residents can expect to see construction teams in and around neighborhoods completing both aerial and underground work. Metronet team member uniforms and vehicles are clearly marked with the Metronet logo, making them easy to identify.

Metronet uses cutting-edge installation technology, while actively minimizing the impact on properties within the construction areas. In neighborhoods with utilities on overhead poles, Metronet will use that existing infrastructure. In areas with underground utilities, Metronet uses state-of-the-art horizontal underground drilling machines to bury the fiber cables.

Metronet has a website dedicated to all things construction related. Residents are encouraged to visit the Metronet Construction Website to access more information about the construction process, and to notify Metronet of any potential property concerns, such as the location of an underground sprinkler system or invisible dog fence. The website also contains brief and informative videos explaining Easements, What to Expect During Construction and What to Expect During Installation

Those interested in being at the front of the line for Metronet services can check availability and view pricing and product information at, or by calling (866) 292-5382.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve received information from Metronet. Who are they?
A: Metronet is a leading provider of 100% fiber optic internet, television, and telephone services. Metronet will install a citywide fiber-optic1 network either underground or on existing utility poles, giving city of New Carlisle residents access to gigabit2 speed internet, some of the fastest in the world, along with stunning television picture quality, and clear, reliable telephone service.

Metronet currently provides service or is under construction in over 200 communities across 16 states. This collaborative investment provides the city of New Carlisle residents an additional choice for internet, television, and telephone bringing competition into the marketplace.

Metronet has a website dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns residents may have about the construction process. Visit or call (866) 292 -5382.

Q: Who are these people in my yard? Are they allowed to be there?
A: Yes. Metronet is obtaining the necessary permits to build out their network. Just like other utility companies, Metronet has the right to access the city’s right of way, which extends across streets from sidewalk to sidewalk, and easement areas, typically located along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line, or between two lots. Utility companies use easements to construct and maintain overhead and underground lines. Metronet crews have legal access to these areas to install their fiber cables, in addition to equipment such as boxes buried at ground level, typically placing them in a central location utilized by multiple utility providers. If your easement is within a fenced area of your property, Metronet will need access to this area as well. For more information about easements, and what you can expect during construction, click the CONSTRUCTION PROCESS tab at If you have questions or concerns, call Metronet’s customer care line at (866) 292 -5382.

Q: What if my lawn, fence, etc. is damaged during construction?
A: The construction phase of this project is temporary, and Metronet crews do their best to minimize the impact to property; however, technicians do need to either hang fiber-optic cables on utility poles or run them underground in order to extend service to subscribing residents. Metronet has a website dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns residents may have about construction. Visit and click on the ASK QUESTIONS tab to submit your question or concern. Residents can also call (866) 292 -5382. Metronet promises to answer all inquiries and address any concerns within 24 hours (one business day M-F) and to repair any damage occurring during construction of their network.

Q: Can I move the flags in my yard?
A: Please do not remove the flags. Metronet is legally required to have utilities locate their underground transmission line, such as gas, water, and electric lines prior to construction. The flags show where the existing utilities are, helping Metronet crews avoid these areas. Once these colorful flags or temporary landscape-safe spray paint appear in your yard, or along the street, construction should begin within a week. Once construction is complete, the flags will be removed. Weather permitting, Metronet will rake, seed, and straw your lawn in the areas where digging occurred.

Q: I have a sprinkler system, dog fence, sump pump line or other underground item. What do I need to do to make sure these items are marked and avoided during construction?
A: It is very important to notify us of these items. Metronet will provide flags to you to mark these items, or you can choose to use landscape-safe spray paint (not provided by Metronet). You may also report these items to us at by clicking the “Ask Questions” tab.

Q: Why is Metronet going through my yard – I never said I wanted the service!
A: Metronet is creating a fiber network throughout the city, so people who want to sign up for service may do so. As with other utilities, the goal is to make it as widely accessible as possible, although there is obviously no requirement for any home sign up for service.

Q: How long will Metronet be in my yard doing work?
A: Metronet workers may be in your yard from 30 minutes up to one day. If other utilities are overhead, Metronet will install the fiber optic cables on existing poles. If utilities are underground, Metronet will bury the network in those same areas. Before doing underground work, Metronet will have the other utility companies locate their transmission lines and will temporarily move any obstacles within the utility easement.

Q: What’s a utility easement?
A: Utility easements are located on most properties and are designated by city ordinance to be accessible to utilities, such as gas, water, electric, and cable providers. Metronet will locate its fiber-optic network in these utility easements. Metronet’s construction website contains a wealth of information about what to expect during construction, including a video explaining utility easements. Visit the CONSTRUCTION PROCESS tab at to view the video and read additional information regarding construction.